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I can never resist a bandwagon, so hey, everyone - I'm Carly. I'm 17, a freshman English major/education minor at Marymount Manhattan College. I've been involved in the Rent fandom for... it'll be five years circa Thanksgiving. I received a copy of the OBCR as a Bat Mitzvah present, and quickly became addicted; I saw the show five months later and the rest is history. I've seen the show 64 times on Broadway (is it sad that I still keep track so clearly?), and would eventually like to check out a tour. Although I've given into temptation a couple of times since getting to school and seen the show merely because I was here (with no previous intentions of doing so), I enjoy it immensely everytime I see it. For as long as it's been a part of my life, it's given me something to believe in even when I was in my constantly relapsing "everything is futile and life sucks" funk - it's brought me some incredible friendships, and also helped me develop a better rapport with people I wouldn't have been nearly as close with otherwise.

My favorite Rent person is Dean Armstrong, who I miss more than... um, a lot of things that people typically miss. In terms of Rentboys, I'm also very much a fan of Colin Hanlon, Joshua Kobak, Curtis Cregan, Matt Caplan, Sebastian Arcelus, Chad Richardson (though I think I prefer his music to his onstageness), and recently have been swept into the new!Roger love of Ryan Link.

And... I could go on, but I need to run away. So goodbye, and howdy! :o)

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