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I saw a show tonight called "The Last Session" and I was moved in a way I didn't expect. It is such a touching show. I thought that Rent touched me, but Rent never changed me like The Last Session did. I met the composer/lyricist to it (Steve Schalchilin)-- he was also playing the lead role of Gideon (and it's based on his life)...and Steve is such a sweetheart. I loved it when I walked into the lobby and Steve saw me and opened his arms and said, "Come here" and gave me a big hug. I adore him.

But talking with Steve today on campus about the show and about writing for musical theatre, I've now been inspired to just start working on another show.

and why am I telling you all this? Because there's a song in the show called "Connected" and every time I hear that song, I cry like a baby. It is so powerful. It makes me glad that I'm connected to all of you. It makes me happy that I'm connected to everyone in my life. I am so thankful for everyone. I'm so thankful for all of you. I just wanted to share that with you all.

Here's the lyrics to the song...and if you want to hear it, I can probably send it to you over aim. My Screenname is: PixieSwizzleStix ...if you want to hear it. :o)

I love you all!

and if you want to know more about The Last Session or about Steve Schalchilin, go to . It's his blog that he got 6 years ago that he was told to write down his emotions and everything in... he was the 26th person to start blogging. :O)

-Tammers, Cary's Ambitious Freak

--The Last Session by Steve Schalchilin and Jim Brochu.

I saw a neon sign that said, "Emergency."
I barely even know what happened next
Collapsing in a doorway and then, down a hall,
Connected to a meter
We should all be connected to a meter

A very nice young man with three rings in each ear
Said, "We don't lose that many patients in a year."
He rolled me to a lonely room with a light beneath the bed
Connected to a bottle
We should all be connected to a bottle

And every night at 1 a.m.
The angel of the night time
Would wake me up and give me something good
And then give me something bad

All day long I'd channel surf; that's all that I could do
I couldn't read a book or walk around
You know you've hit the bottom when you're glad to be
Connected to a TV
We should all be connected to a TV

I dreamed I was on Happy Days and I was playing Richie
with Potsy begging Richie not to die
'Cause they'd never let Richie die

Friends would come around and bring me little things
Say how much they needed me to live
They told me I would make it cause they said we were
Connected to each other
We should all be connected to each other

Now someday if I lose this fight to carry on
Please send me someplace gently out to sea
Listen as I whisper softly in your ear
"Connected to each other.
We will always be connected to each other."
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