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bind_the_fabric's Journal

Connections in an Isolating Age
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Sometimes people meet people, and connections are made. Sometimes it is between two people, very much alike, but very far away from each other. Sometimes it is between people who would be friends if they had met anywhere, sometimes it is between people who realize they can be friends because of one thing and go about doing so. Sometimes it is unlikely, sometimes it is mind-blowing, sometimes it is the coolest thing ever, but all the time, it is special.

So, this community is here for a bunch of stuff. Gushing about the more unlikely friendships, or marvelling at other ones. Fretting about some stuff, or even amusing stories. Long as well all know that this is real stuff, that it exists and we aren't making it up, we're ok.

Just for now, if you want to get this on your friends list, and you're already a member, just stick it on and you're all set.